Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications for Help in Hospital or Memory Making Grants at this time due to unprecedented demand. We are working hard to raise the funds required to sustainably provide these Grants in the future. We are sorry that we are unable to support in this way right now, but we hope to get our Grants up and running again very soon.

We know first-hand that the costs associated with being in hospital with a seriously ill child soon build up, and are often unexpected. Expenses like car parking, additional fuel and convenience food all coming at a time where one (or both) parents have potentially lost earnings can be another added stress that you simply don't need. We're proud to be able to offer grant of £200 if your child has been an inpatient for 10 days or more, to help ease this burden. Please ask a medical professional involved with your child's care or family support worker to complete a referral for you.

Please note, at this time we can only offer one grant per family in any 6-month period and are now only accepting referrals from medical professionals and family support workers directly involved in your child's care. In order for the grant to be approved, your child must have been an in-patient for the previous 10 consecutive days and be expected to remain an inpatient for some time yet.